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25 Top Home Design Ideas to Try in Your Toronto Home (2024)

There's something incredibly satisfying about renovating your home and improving your property's value. Most homeowners perform renovations regularly to keep their homes comfortable and stylish. If it's been a few years since your last renovation, now is the time.

Toronto is a renowned leader in multiple industries, from aerospace to education and finance to technology. Among its many fortes, it’s also a recognized leader in the realm of design, employing the largest design workforce in Canada. Its famous events like the DesignTO Festival and the Interior Design Show keep it at the forefront of top home design trends.

Love where you live in 2024. Toronto renovation trends are wide-ranging and creative. In this article, we'll use our insight as custom home builders to talk about 2024 Toronto home trends with these renovation ideas.

Table of Contents

Toronto Architecture Trends

Toronto Interior Design Trends

Toronto Home Renovation Trends

Toronto Custom Home Trends

Modern custom home office design behind floor-to-ceiling cabinetry

Toronto Architecture Trends

1. Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans have been “in” for several years now, but the architecture of 2024 is taking a bolder step toward transparency. This means opening barriers between much-used spaces like the living room, kitchen, and dining room, and in some cases, the flow may extend beyond these rooms to incorporate hallways, wine cellars, etc. In addition to visually expanding square footage, this trend allows homeowners to maximize natural light.

Open Floor Plan Kitchen With Natural Light Coming Through Windows

2. Multi-Functional Rooms

Open floor plans also reflect a shift in lifestyle, since spending work and leisure time at home has made rooms even more multifunctional. Now we might work at the kitchen counter, take a mid-morning break for an in-home workout, or skip lunch in favour of a rejuvenating bath.

Just a year or two ago, many homeowners were changing their spare rooms into home offices, kid homework areas, and more. Now those same spaces are being converted into multifunctional areas that serve many purposes.

Open layouts are also very popular because they allow homeowners to enjoy a multitude of activities while spending time together. They're great for entertaining. Living life fully at home has driven a trend toward more multi-functional rooms.

3. Multiple Floor Materials

Transitions between rooms are used to signify permission to transition decorating styles or, at the very least, flooring materials. Once opening the heart of the home became the norm, however, flooring materials became uniform throughout open spaces to lend cohesion. Now, homeowners are experimenting more with unique combinations like warm hardwoods adjacent to patterned tiles within the same spaces instead of waiting for a doorway or threshold to provide the cues.

4. Creative Storage 

Of course, this new level of openness presents new architectural challenges. Now, designers must find creative and non-disruptive ways to incorporate enough storage space since losing walls means losing room for closets and cabinetry. Talented architects can plan to incorporate plenty of storage space that’s cleverly hidden or featured in plain sight while supporting the home's aesthetic. 

Built-In Wood Storage With Row of Hooks and Shelves Near Entryway of Home.

5. Hidden TVs

One such solution that’s becoming increasingly common is the hidden TV, which may fold out from a wall or hinge invisibly into the ceiling. Again, this requires forethought and precision in planning but provides a chic and interrupted surface.

6. Stairways with Glass Railing

One particular trend that’s emblematic of this move toward open, multi-functional spaces is glass railings on stairways. Previously, stairways were always hidden behind solid walls and often gated by doors. Now, homeowners are appreciating the architectural beauty of exposed steps that seemingly float behind glass railings or wallsStaircase in Home With Flat Glass Railing and Wood Stairs

Popular Toronto Interior Design Ideas 

7. Neutrals and Subdued Pastels

Perhaps to soften the visual noise of combining multiple spaces in the home, we’ve seen a preference for long stretches of neutrals and hints of subdued pastels. That said, many of the colours of the year for 2024 are leaning back into bolder, warmer tones. Pay homage to colour trends by incorporating small colourful design elements or adopting a more daring hue for an accent wall or small space first.

8. Bold Colours and Patterns

Not that long ago, colour styles were very different, and homeowners painted their walls exclusively soothing neutrals like gray and white. Lovely as these colours are, neutrals need help to remain relevant. Today, homeowners in Toronto are attracted to bold colours and patterns, in paint and wallpaper. Consider selecting a bold colour for your upper or lower kitchen cabinets and employing a more traditional shade for a balanced look. Two-toned kitchen cabinets continue to trend in 2024.

  • The Pantone colour of the year. This year, Pantone selected a vibrant and bold shade of pink-infused red called "Peach Fuzz." This warm colour is ripped straight from a sunrise and makes an excellent accent colour - use it on pillows, throw blankets, and wallpapers.

  • Benjamin Moore picked "Blue Nova 825" and Sherwin Williams crowned "Upward SW 6239" their picks for 2024. All of these colours include a pop of blue. Cool and relaxing hues are a dominant theme for the colours of 2024.

  • Green is popular in all rooms of the house and many paint companies have declared green as their paint colour of the year.

Open-Concept Plan First Floor of Home With Two Wall Patterned Art Fixtures in Dining Area

9. Sustainability

Green design has become more important than ever as the effects of climate change have grown more dramatic. Here are which materials Toronto homeowners are enjoying in their homes for sustainable interior style:

  • Locally-sourced materials - Locally-sourced building materials put less burden on the environment for transportation, while also giving a boost to the local economy. If using locally sourced materials is important to you, talk to your contractor.

  • Reclaimed wood - Reclaimed wood is more than just sustainable, it's also full of character.

  • Vintage furniture - Like reclaimed wood, vintage furniture is full of character AND good for the environment at the same time.

10. Large Sofas

Super large sofas are also in, partly because they help fill the large open space created by combining multiple rooms, and partly because - let’s be honest - who doesn’t want a super large sofa on which to lounge?

11. Sculptural and Geometric LED Lighting Fixtures

One of the trends highlighted in Toronto’s 2022 Interior Design Show was LED light fixtures embedded in sculptured geometrics made from wood, metal, and other interesting materials. Dispersing the source of the light throughout the entire fixture means that the light emitted is softer and less intense. Incorporating LED lights consumes less electricity.

12. Biophilic Design Principles

Have you already enhanced your outdoor spaces? Now it may be time to bring the outdoors inside with a biophilic design. This kind of design places emphasis on creating a calming environment with natural lighting and natural materials.

Incorporate plants and create a visual connection with nature. Work with your contractor and architect to determine the best ways to bring nature into your home to create a calm, peaceful environment.

Living Room Area With Wood-Framed Floor-to-Ceiling Windows and Plant Decor

13. A Touch of Timber

Perhaps because Canada is known for its timber, it has become popular to showcase this natural material throughout the home, be that in furniture or other architectural features like stretches of timber ceiling or a wood accent wall. See more examples of creative uses of timber in the home here.

Toronto Home Renovation Ideas

14. Spa Bathrooms

Bathrooms are transforming into high-end spas where we can rejuvenate at the day’s end as well as prepare for the day ahead.

Master Spa Bathroom With Freestanding Tub Behind Open Door in Separate Room. Two Vanities With Backlit Mirrors Face Each Other

15. Full-Wall Kitchen Cabinetry

In the kitchen, long stretches of full-wall cabinetry are gaining prevalence as they create plenty of storage while maintaining visual minimalism due to their uniformity. Very few homeowners are sad to have extra storage in the future.

16. Marble Countertops

The elegance, solidity, and understated grandeur of marble countertops have made them a popular choice for a long time, and they’re not going away this year. We have seen these serene slabs extended with waterfall edges that reach the floor or continued onto the wall as a backsplash.

17. Japandi Style

Japandi Style draws inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian conventions of architecture and design. Defined by its minimalistic style, attention to detail, and artful arrangements, Japandi is the preferred contemporary style in many Toronto area homes.

18. Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Part of sheltering at home means finding creative ways to bring the activities you love into your immediate vicinity. Because of this, outdoor living spaces are number one in Toronto. Whether you enjoy entertaining or simply want to create an outdoor design you love, enhancing your yard can add value to your home while also improving your quality of life. Some examples of popular outdoor living spaces:

  • Pools. Create a space for entertaining and spending family time with a backyard pool, or a pool and a hot tub.

  • Fountains. Create a visual focal point with a fountain or water feature.

  • Playground space and zones for activities. Create a space to play with the kids by breaking up your backyard into "zones."

  • Gardens. Install an area for gardening, including benches and other hardscaping for walking the grounds and meditating. Why not enjoy the literal fruits of your labour? Plant a small garden and enjoy your favourite summer vegetables. Rattan and wicker furniture are especially popular among Toronto homeowners right now.

Outdoor Living Space of Home With Raised Garden Stand and Pathway

19. Home Office Space

We’d be remiss not to mention the need to make space in the home for remote work. Office Ou’s inspiring project serves as the perfect example of what’s possible.

20. Smart Home Technology

The use of smart home technology has been on the rise for many years. Smart technology makes life convenient for homeowners. Many smart devices also save energy and reduce utility costs. Build your smart technology into your home at the time of your renovation for seamless integration into everyday life. Some examples of smart technology:

  • Smart thermostat - Most smart thermostats will "learn" your preferred temperatures and daily patterns and make adjustments automatically.

  • Smart lock and video doorbell - Lock and unlock your door from your phone, and monitor the arrival of visitors using the video doorbell.

  • Smart lights - Turn on and off lights with your phone, or program them to turn on at night for security purposes.

  • Smart bathrooms- Start your shower with your phone so it's ready before you are. Install Bluetooth speakers for an ideal sonic experience, or install a smart mirror so that you get your daily updates mid-morning routine.

Floating Bathroom Double Vanity With Flat-Panel Wood Cabinets

21. Patterns and Measured Maximalism

In stark contrast to many minimalist-inspired designs, we appreciate the rise of busier patterns and aesthetics. Add a wallpaper accent wall, to play with patterns. Use textiles to add colour and drama and colour. Decorate with rich frames and use your built-ins to display a curated array of your favourite pieces.


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Toronto Custom Home Ideas to Include in Your Build

22. Emphasis on the Outdoors

Custom homes in Toronto are being built with an emphasis on nature. This has many manifestations, from light touches like wilderness wallpapers to structural decisions that celebrate natural materials like stone and wood.

23. Sustainable Architecture 

As we become more attuned to nature, we’ve become more collectively conscious of using recyclable materials and green renovation practices that are architecturally sustainable. 

24. Glass Walls

Glass walls are popular everywhere, from interior divisions between rooms to exterior walls that combine glass and stone to create a strong yet stunningly delicate facade.

25. Arches and Rounded Accents

We've seen an increase in arches and curved lines. Rounded edges next to sharp angles feature in many Japandi-inspired projects and add visual interest and variety to your surfaces.

Dining Room Area With Rectangular Table and Chairs in Center. Chandelier Hanging Light Fixture Drops from Ceiling Above With Archway

Upgrade Your Home With 2024 Renovation Ideas

At SevernWoods Fine Homes, our schedule is filling up. If you're bursting with renovation ideas for 2024, get started right away. Call today to start your consultation. We can discuss your renovation goals, talk about your budget, and refer you to an architect if needed.

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