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Biophilic Home Design: Toronto Home Builders Go Green

Biophilic design is working its way into architecture and design in homes all over the city of Toronto. Particularly throughout the Old Toronto/downtown area, homeowners are finding ways to bring nature and beauty to their home interiors. This new movement, characterized by biophilic features like natural lighting and greenery, is especially popular due to the COVID restrictions keeping people indoors and in their homes.

biophilic home design with plant and window letting in light

If you're still catching up on this new trend, knowing what biophilic design is and how it can benefit your property can help you as you're planning your upcoming renovation or custom home construction. Here's what you need to know.

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic design is the incorporation of natural materials and resources into the architecture and interior design of the house. The purpose of biophilic design is to connect people to the natural world and to bring the natural world into our interior spaces. This type of design can be found in residences, office spaces, shopping centres, workplaces, doctor and dentist offices, and more.

Biophilic design has been around for decades, but it's only in the last few years that homeowners in Toronto have sought ways to incorporate this design into their normal decor.

Why Toronto Homeowners Want Biophilic Features

Even before the pandemic, Toronto homeowners spent a lot of time indoors - winters in Toronto can be harsh. Most of the time, we see around 40 inches of snow in a single winter! This kind of weather makes biophilic design especially attractive. Homeowners who can't spend time outdoors simply bring the outdoors in.

Starting in 2020, Toronto homeowners were placed in lockdown due to COVID. The loss of time spent outdoors was hard-felt by adults and children who missed their green spaces, trees, and parks. Biophilic design helped fill the gaps for homeowners wanting to spend time outdoors.

There's one more reason that biophilic design is so popular: it creates a sense of privacy and wellbeing. Toronto is a fast-growing city with few private spaces. Plants create a sanctuary, while natural light adds to the sense of peace, calm, and cleanliness at home.

outdoor backyard exterior custom toronto home with several windows

How to Work Biophilic Design Features Into Your Custom Home

There are many ways to work biophilic design features into your custom or newly renovated home. Start by working with experienced builders that understand your goals for your home remodel.

Encourage Airflow

The airflow keeps the air in your home fresh and helps you stay in touch with the natural world. From the late afternoon breezes in summer to the fresh air that blows in after a spring rain, airflow is refreshing and good for the soul. You can encourage airflow through creative window placement throughout the house.

Use Natural Materials

Natural materials can be used throughout the house, from the flooring to the countertops. Wood, stone, and clay are very popular natural materials that Toronto home builders consistently use throughout the greater Toronto area.

Keep the Home Fires Burning

Fire is natural - and it used to be a major source of heat and light in homes. Today, fire is used for aesthetic purposes, to create a sense of peace and calm on cold nights.

If you live in one of Toronto's historic homes, keep that fireplace in good condition and use it regularly. If you have no fireplace, candles can help achieve the same effect.

Create Natural and Layered Lighting

Natural lighting can lift your mood, promote the production of vitamin D and make your home more attractive. If you're building your home, work with your architect and custom home builder to incorporate many windows into your home. Install artificial lights in many forms, including pendant lighting, recessed lighting, overhead lighting, and more to create a "layered lighting" effect.

architectural designed house with curved wall with picture windows and Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Decorate with Houseplants

Houseplants cleanse the air and create a sense of seclusion in the house. Place houseplants strategically throughout the rooms of your home to create a constant reminder of the world outside.

Paint and Decorate with Earth Tones

Earth tones fit into biophilic design as naturally as houseplants. You can take advantage of this by painting with earth tones, choosing upholstery in earth tones, and decorating with earth tones. Have a hard time creating a suitable palette? Work with a colour expert or interior designer.

Consider the View

As you create the designs for your custom home, consider the view out your windows. Avoid placement of landscaping that could potentially block natural beauty. If your views are not especially beautiful, then create a view with attractive gardening.

Incorporate Biophilic Design With SevernWoods Fine Homes

Biophilic design can alter your mood, create a sense of peace and calm at home, and make your property one of the most desirable properties in your area. To get started with a renovation or custom home construction in the Old Toronto area, contact SevernWoods Fine Homes.

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