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In the vibrant heart of Toronto, where architectural aspirations soar, crafting a custom home or embarking on an extensive renovation isn't just about construction—it's about creating legacies. The journey, from conceptual sketches to the echoing sound of a closing front door, requires expertise, precision, and unwavering dedication. We want you to understand the care, expertise, and time that go into creating a bespoke Toronto home. To that end, we’ve laid out the delicate dance of contractor and architect for your review. 

SevernWoods Fine Homes Process

Engaging the Right Architect

Selecting the right architect is paramount to the success of a project. This step isn't simply about checking qualifications or perusing portfolios; it's about establishing a partnership based on mutual understanding and trust. Your architect is your ally in bringing your vision to life, so the initial weeks are crucial. You’ll likely spend weeks, if not months, finding and interviewing architects. Once you've pinpointed the perfect partner, the design development phase commences. Spanning about 4 to 12 weeks, this period is a thorough exploration of your vision. It's a meticulous process where ideas are moulded, reshaped, and refined to fit both aesthetic desires and practical necessities. The crux of this phase is to distil dreams into definitive blueprints.

Navigating Zoning and Initial Preparations

Toronto, with its rich architectural tapestry, also comes with a stringent set of zoning laws, ensuring the city's heritage and charm remain uncompromised. As you transition to the zoning application stage, your architect plays a pivotal role, skillfully navigating the process that typically extends for 4-6 weeks. Their deep-seated knowledge of Toronto's building landscape ensures that your design aligns with city standards, paving the way for a smoother construction journey.

Parallel to this, your contractor, SevernWoods, steps onto the stage. We present and discuss the initial budget draft, offering transparency and setting financial expectations. The pre-construction agreement is a testament to our commitment, showcasing our dedication to delivering nothing short of excellence.

However, in some instances, Toronto's regulations might demand additional scrutiny. If your dream home doesn't fit the city's "as of right" criteria, your architect will submit a Committee of Adjustment application. This might introduce an extended waiting period of 3-6 months for hearings. And even after that, a 1-month appeal period could await. While this might seem daunting, having a seasoned architect by your side ensures that every potential roadblock is addressed with expertise and finesse in service to your dream.

Delving into Detailed Design and Necessary Permits

Your architect will create the structural and HVAC design phase, stretching over 4-8 weeks. This plan outlines the intricacies of your home, from sturdy beams to efficient airflow. The importance of this phase cannot be overstated: a meticulously designed structural plan ensures longevity, while an expertly mapped HVAC system guarantees year-round comfort.

Alongside this, the journey through the bureaucratic maze of obtaining permits commences. The permit application process, which typically spans 4-8 weeks, involves ensuring that every facet of your custom home aligns with Toronto's building regulations. It's a rigorous process, given Toronto's stringent standards. Yet, it's an endeavour made smoother with experienced professionals steering the way, highlighting the value of choosing a seasoned architect and team.

The construction drawing and interior design stretches are the culmination of this phase. For 6-8 weeks, every room, nook, and corner of your future home is detailed on paper. It's a thrilling time, witnessing your dream home transition from abstract concepts to tangible plans.

Our Comprehensive Pre-build Preparation

With design details ironed out, SevernWoods takes the reins, bringing expertise to the forefront. We begin with a period of value engineering and budget revision, typically spanning 4-8 weeks. This is where design dreams meet budget realities. The process involves meticulous scrutiny, ensuring every design element is both desired and feasible. 

The anticipation builds as the city issues the permits, signifying an important green light in the custom home-building and home renovation process. Subsequently, we embark on the tender to trades phase. Over 3-4 weeks, we liaise with a network of skilled tradespeople—each an expert in their domain to ensure our plan is perfect.

Finally, we present clients with the final budget for construction. Once in agreement, it's time to make things official. We draw up the construction agreement, solidifying the commitment from both parties to bring this dream home to life.

Groundwork: Laying the Foundation with SevernWoods

It’s time to make it real. SevernWoods delves into the meticulous logistics, starting with engaging subcontractors and suppliers. This crucial phase lasts about two weeks and ensures that every craftsman and material aligns with our high standards. 

Scheduling then takes centre stage. A custom home-building process isn’t merely about following steps; it's an intricate ballet of coordinating trades, managing deliveries, and ensuring every task flows seamlessly into the next. We employ an impeccable scheduling process to ensure that every stage of the construction, from laying the first brick to the final paint stroke, progresses as planned.

Before the first hammer strikes, the requisite insurance and registration requirements are fulfilled. Over about an 8-week period, all necessary precautions are undertaken, guaranteeing that both the homeowner's investment and our team's efforts are safeguarded. Registering the project with MOL and Tarion is a testament to our commitment to adhere to and excel within the new home construction process guidelines that Toronto mandates.

Navigating Toronto's intricate construction landscape requires more than tools and materials—it demands vision, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. At SevernWoods, we take pride in transforming blueprints into breathtaking homes. Ready to turn your architectural dreams into masterful realities? Contact SevernWoods today.


Discover Where We Renovate & Build

SevernWoods Fine Homes Serves the Following Fine Neighbourhoods of Old Toronto:

  • High Park
  • Lytton Park
  • Leaside
  • Playter Estates
  • Leslieville
  • Little Italy
  • The Beach
  • The Annex
  • Mississauga
  • Moore Park
  • Rosedale
  • & Surrounding Areas!

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