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9 Prestigious Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Toronto is home to every type of architecture, from modern condos to heritage homes, and everything in between. Young professionals, growing families, and business elites can all find their perfect fit in one of Toronto’s many sought-after neighbourhoods. Whether you’re looking to live in the neighbourhood with Toronto’s best schools, best nightlife, or best outdoor living, you’ll find it on our list of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in Toronto.

The Annex

The excellent walkability and vibrant nightlife of The Annex makes this area very attractive for any Torontonian, lending to its unique blend of residents. Its proximity to downtown makes for an easy commute to work, with access to public transit, like the subway stations that dot Bloor Street. Due to the University of Toronto within its borders, the neighbourhood is home to plenty of shopping, grocers, bookstores, bars, entertainment venues, and other local businesses. 

The Annex is home to some of Toronto’s oldest architecture with many of the homes dating back to the late 1800s. The Annex became filled with stately Victorian and Edwardian homes during its initial growth. More recent additions are modern lofts and condos, which are attractive to younger professionals. The range of century estates and modern architecture mixed with a plethora of amenities creates a tasteful balance of old and new in The Annex, making it one of the most exclusive and best neighbourhoods in Toronto, which is reflected in its home prices.

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Lytton Park

Lytton Park was established as a desired residential area by families as far back as the early 1900s and has since become one of Toronto’s most exclusive neighbourhoods. Its charm and quiet nature is conveniently situated near major transportation corridors leading in and out of the city, adding to its status as one of the best places to live in Toronto. 

This area also boasts excellent recreational facilities, top-regarded public and private schools, and a myriad of choices for shopping, superb dining, and entertainment. Easy access to public transit increases Lytton Park’s access to even more amenities and activities. 

Residents take advantage of the area's several outdoor recreational facilities, like tennis courts, playgrounds, strolling gardens, and beautifully maintained green spaces. Residents of Lytton Park also enjoy very low crime rates and promising job growth. The neighbourhood’s family-friendly status is also fueled by its incredible sense of community, as there are plenty of events for the whole family to come together with neighbours and visitors. 

The homes in Lytton Park commonly sit on large, beautiful lots that are tucked away in a deep valley among trees that keep the neighbourhood removed from the main transit corridors nearby. Homes range from Georgian estates to new high-end contemporary custom homes that mirror the elite status many of the residents of Lytton Park enjoy.

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Lawrence Park

Lawrence Park is high on the list as one of Toronto’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, for its tucked-away serene setting, beautiful landscapes, and superb architectural offerings. It’s a family-centric neighbourhood with excellent schools, plenty of outdoor recreational facilities, and festivals and events taking place year-round.

Traffic within the neighbourhood is minimal, adding to its exclusive and secluded feel. Lawrence Park does come with its array of amenities, though, with shops and a variety of dining options within walking distance. It’s also within proximity to the subway, offering an easy ride into the city centre during the workday.

Aside from its tranquil setting, the homes of Lawrence Park are the real draw to this area. Georgian- and Colonial-style homes as well as English cottages and Tudor homes on large lots fill the neighbourhood with character and charm. Architects have been mindful of this unique mix of beautiful styles, regularly restoring and renovating homes with the intention of retaining their classic forms and details.

Traditional homes aren’t the only occupants in Lawrence Park. There are also plenty of homes that boast more modern or contemporary styles as well, creating an even more intriguing array of opulence and style.

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Located just north of downtown Toronto, Rosedale is one of the area's oldest and most affluent neighbourhoods in the city. Several parks, including Rosedale and Ramsden Park, feature various recreational amenities, like tennis, hiking trails, bike trails, and dog parks. The upscale neighbourhood also offers residents plenty to do within its borders, like boutique shopping, dining, and nightlife.

Like many of Toronto’s neighbourhoods, Rosedale is also near public transit, like the Yonge Street subway station, for easy access to the downtown financial district, where several of Rosedale’s residents work. You can also take advantage of the downtown access for a night out or weekend shopping.

The area is home to beautiful period homes, like red brick mansions, Victorian homes, Tudor homes, and Edwardian estates, with many listed on Toronto’s inventory of heritage properties. These homes feature large lots that are accented with beautiful gardens, which speaks to the area's namesake for its wild roses that grew here before its development. Rosedale, for these and many reasons, has long been listed as one of the best Toronto neighbourhoods.

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The Bridle Path

Nicknamed Millionaires’ Row for its collection of French chateau estates held by the country’s wealthiest and celebrities, Bridle Path’s origins are more humble. The neighbourhood’s wide streets were designed to accommodate horses as well as vehicles, hence its name, and originally contained craftsman bungalows. Today’s palatial chateaus are commonly updated to include more contemporary upgrades for modern families–an interesting mix of old and new.

Bridal Path has its own collection of amenities, with top-rated healthcare, the city’s most desired private schools, plenty of park space, and a premier athletic club. Swimming, tennis, skating, and golf are all available to the residents of Bridle Path. For high-end fashions and dining, the residents of Bridle Path don’t have to stray too far, as Bayview Village is nearby.

Bridle Path is best known for its sprawling properties, with each home sitting on a more spacious lot than in other areas of Toronto. However, this does contribute to the neighbourhood’s lack of walkability; in exchange, homeowners enjoy more privacy and the opportunity to live among the lush natural surroundings of the Don River Valley.

Forest Hill

Forest Hill’s quiet setting draws many types of residents, but especially families, for its superior schools and many, perfectly lovely parkettes. The community in Forest Hill is known to be a tight-knit one that gathers for outdoor music events and festivals, The closeness of this community is reflected in its low crime rate, small-town feel, and the area’s investment in permanent gathering spaces.

Many residents enjoy the BeltLine, which offers nature trails where you’ll find both fitness and nature enthusiasts. The tree-lined streets of Lower Forest Hill also make for a wonderful stroll. In fact, the beauty of this area is owed to old building codes that date back to the 1920s and 30s. It was required that the homes be designed by an architect and that at least one tree be planted in front of each property, affording the residents the charm and stylish environment today.

Forest Hill residents have access to boutique shopping and other activities in Forest Hill Village. In Forest Hill North, you’ll find conveniently located grocers for a quick trip. For more amenities and entertainment, Forest Hill is positioned to easily access the downtown core via the subway, Yonge Street, or Allen Road.

Homes in Forest Hill range from old stone mansions to high-end contemporary estates. As in other affluent areas of Toronto, the homes tend to all contribute to an overall tasteful and elegant feel, even with the homes covering the full architectural style spectrum.

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Moore Park

By 1930, Moore Park was filled with English cottages, Georgian-style homes, and Tudor homes. The area was conceived in 1890 to cater to the very affluent, with large lots and quiet streets that are shaded by a canopy of mature, stately trees. The neighbourhood is filled with green space and surrounded by natural barriers, like ravines, making it one of Toronto’s most beautiful neighbourhoods.

The residents of Moore Park mostly do their shopping in the nearby shopping districts, which are also known for gourmet foods and fine dining, or the neighbourhood stores on Summerhill Avenue.

The Moore Park Ravine footpath stretches 8 kilometres and passes through Rosedale Ravine. To enjoy more outdoor recreation, residents can partake in tennis, baseball, and a wading pool in Moorevale Park.

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Kingsway is one of the most affluent areas of Toronto and nestled in the forest of the Humber River Valley. It’s a highly sought-after neighbourhood by families for its high-ranking schools, pedestrian-friendly oak-canopied streets, and a wealth of outdoor and indoor recreational facilities. Swimming, skating, ice hockey, golf, cycling, and baseball are just a sample of the activities for families to enjoy.

Kingsway is located conveniently close to the downtown core, which expands the area’s already rich plethora of amenities. Pubs, incredible restaurants, specialty shops, schools, medical services, and events create a self-contained thriving community where residents don’t need to venture outside their enclave for long stretches at a time.

The oldest architecture in Kingsway dates back to the late 1800s and early 1900s in the form of Victorian and Edwardian homes. Large stone English mansions are also typical of the neighbourhood. The area has strict regulations against cutting down trees and many earlier homes feature locally sourced stone, with the oldest homes lining Government Road. Contemporary bungalows are also common in Kingsway, offering a similar delightful array of old and new as many other highly desired Toronto neighbourhoods.

Find or Custom Build Your Home in Old Toronto

These and many other neighbourhoods in Toronto offer something for everyone. Or, if you can’t find your perfect home in one of these excellent neighbourhoods, consider building your own custom luxury home with a custom builder with a unique appreciation for everything from contemporary architecture to classic Victorian flare. SevernWoods is the area’s premier renovation firm and custom home builder in Toronto. Contact SevernWoods to start a conversation about updating your heritage home or building a custom home in Toronto.

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