Who We Are

Tom Cumming, Owner & Founder

Tom is a professional engineer turned builder. A graduate of Queen’s University in Mechanical Engineering, Tom has been fascinated throughout his life by how things work. He quietly masters not just how things are put together but how they work together.

In the mid-2000’s he decided to combine his life-long love of architecture and passion for craftsmanship with his background in engineering to start SevernWoods Construction. 172 projects later, Tom’s attention to detail has earned him a prestigious position as one of the best home builders in Toronto. His reputation has been recognized with four awards from the Toronto Building Industry and Land Development Association for his industry-leading custom home & renovation work.

A perfectionist, Tom believes there is only one way of doing things and that’s well. While there is no such thing as perfect there is really, really good. And while Tom will do all the sketches and drawings for steel fabrication and other key components in a house, he has created around him a loyal culture of like-minded craftsmen and project managers and staff.

In his spare time, Tom looks after his young family and bring his eye for detail to the restoration of antique cars and wooden boats, not to mention his passion for carving keepsakes, like basswood rocking animals for kids, out of wood.

A member of the Building Industry and Land Development Association since 2008 and the Professional Engineers of Ontario since 1987, Tom is a frequent speaker and valued contributor at real estate and renovation events.

Great Relationships Build Great Homes

To build a beautiful home you need to build the right team. Our team is carefully selected and regularly vetted. Each member is a highly-skilled individual that contributes to a dynamic group of site supervisors, project managers, carpenters and specialty contractors. What sets us apart is this collection of the best tradespeople in Toronto. But they’re more than that. They share our values of building well-crafted homes and our culture of service to our customers, architect and design partners.

We don’t demand the best. We expect it

We’ve worked with most of our trade contractor partners for years but regularly reassess them for quality and pricing to ensure that our clients have access to the best quality and most well-run building team in Toronto. We’ve created a seamless team who knows the easy is probably not the best way. It’s the passion of our team and dedication to creating only the very best that has allowed us to construct so many breathtaking custom homes and beautiful renovations over the years.

We’re architect-driven

In home-building it’s true that when it comes to conflicts between architects and builders, the guy with the hammer usually wins. But we don’t like to think that way. In our experience great work comes from a collaborative process between owner, architect and builder.

At SevernWoods, really good architecture excites us. We started the company with the express purpose of bringing great design to life. We work hard to understand and build the vision your architect or designer has for your home. We pride ourselves on being able to surpass the most exacting standards that any one of them can possibly demand and build in every detail.

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