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Looking good now is good but 20 years from now is better


You’ll see pictures of some of the stunning homes we’ve finished on our website. But that’s only the start. Discerning customers and quality architects hire us because we deliver more. They know we believe the only way to judge the quality of the project is to look at it years after it’s finished. That’s the truest test.

Short term beauty has to stand up to long term quality. Because we build according to traditional standards of craftsmanship, they trust homes built by SevernWoods. We don’t cut corners. We take the time to get it right. It starts with the careful thought we put into every design detail.

People who hire us know what we do: that a home we build looks great now. And 20 years from now. While we offer you a 2-year warranty on our workmanship, we’re proud to say we’ve completed 172 projects and we have no unhappy customers.

We don’t cut corners. We make them fit together perfectly


For us, the term ‘fit & finish’ doesn’t mean what it does to other builders. We believe it means caring about the finish right from the start.

Of course, both words are equally important. So we obsess about the fit of every single piece of wood we install. That’s why you’ll notice all of our framing is within 1/8th of an inch. On every plank. On every joint. Throughout the entire house.


It comes down to one thing: near perfection


From the foundation to the finished product, we know that if the fit starts off exact, it ends up nearly perfect.

Our fit & finish is the way the millwork fits into its place. It’s floor transitions you can’t feel when you’re in socks. Doors that don’t stick and stairs that don’t squeak. It’s moulding that doesn’t crack. And cabinetry that looks the same now as it did the day we put it in, a decade ago.

Our fit & finish is why you’ll see us put three spindles on a stair instead of two. It looks better.

To us, fit & finish also means that while your completed renovation project will feel fresh and new it will also feel like it’s always been there with no glaring transition between old and new.

We only want to construct the highest-quality professionally finished homes and give you service that’s second to none.

Experience it for yourself

When selecting a builder for your custom home or renovation project, we encourage you to look beyond the photos. Visit a home or project that was built five years ago or more.

How does it look?

At SevernWoods, we can show you a home completed a decade ago and one completed last month and you’d be hard-pressed to know which is which.

That’s because we take the time to seek out products and materials that stand the test of time. And we care about the finish from the start.

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